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Dental Insurance: A Dentist Reminds You to Use It or Lose It!

September 9, 2018

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dental benefits conceptIf you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance, you should take full advantage of it! By making sure you understand and utilize your coverage, you can save money, protect your smile, and plan well for any major treatments you may need. A dentist in Waverly reminds you that the last few months of the year are a good time to take a look at your insurance policy and make sure you are getting the most out of it.


Connective Tissue Grafting for Dental Implants in Waverly

July 30, 2018

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man framing his smileSeveral advancements over the years have made it possible to preserve natural teeth for longer than before; however, 120 million Americans are still living with at least one missing tooth. Among the leading cause of tooth loss is due to a preventable infection, known as periodontal disease. It is estimated that 50% of adults have a form of it. Although it is easily treatable, it often progresses to advanced stages without an aggressive treatment plan, leading to the destruction of the teeth and the gingival tissue. After tooth loss occurs, many are now turning to dental implants in Waverly to regain a complete smile. To repair the damage to the gum tissue, connective tissue grafting may also be needed to rehabilitate your oral health.

Your Dentist in Waverly Says Ask Your Hygienist These Questions

June 8, 2018

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man with hand on chin thinkingOne of the best ways to protect your oral health and prevent major problems is to maintain regular visits with your dentist in Waverly for cleanings and checkups. Is there a way to maximize these appointments, though? Your local professional says there is, and as you read on, you’ll learn what questions you should ask your dental hygienist while there to ensure that you can be fully empowered and as healthy as possible.


Horse Hair? Your Dentist in Waverly Discusses the History of Floss

February 7, 2018

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A woman flossing.While flossing should be a key part of everyone’s at-home care, most people don’t do it. In fact, many people openly admit it’s too difficult or they don’t have time! However, flossing has been important for centuries. That’s why your dentist in Waverly thought it would be fun to take a dive into it’s history to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month.

From prehistoric humans to today’s modern materials, floss has truly come a long way. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the timeline of floss. It just might make you appreciate the stuff more during your next time in the bathroom.


Dentist in Carrollton Explains Why a White Smile Isn’t Always a Healthy One

January 12, 2018

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Woman looking in mirrorWhen you look in the mirror, do you see a bright, white smile? If so, you probably think that you have optimal oral health; however, this may not be true. The color of your teeth does not necessarily indicate their health. While a bright smile may be beautiful, you may have weaker enamel, especially if you use whitening products excessively. Although tooth discoloration may make your teeth appear unhealthy and dull, research shows that yellow may indicate a greater level of dental health. To ensure that your smile is healthy and attractive, your dentist in Carrollton has the facts you need.

5 Facts About 3D Dental Technologies

October 29, 2017

Girl getting 3D dental scanMany patients think that 3D dental x-rays are just like traditional x-rays for the whole mouth, but they are actually much more complex. In recent years, more and more dental offices have invested in this technology to improve the precision of their advanced dental procedures. Traditionally, only specialty dental offices had this complex technology, but now, dentists understand how much 3D technology will improve the patient experience and many of them now incorporate these advanced radiography systems into regular treatment. Keep reading to find out some of the ways that 3D dental imaging is raising the standard of care for dental patients.

5 Tips to Maintain Optimal Oral Health During the Holidays

October 6, 2017

Holiday DessertsWhen many of us think of the holidays, we are likely picture tables filled with delicious sweets, clinking champagne glasses, and other festive holiday treats. What many people don’t think of is how these holiday indulgences could stick with us through the year. However, eating additional sugary and acidic foods that are popular during the holidays can take a toll on oral and overall health. Keep reading to find out how to maintain your optimal oral health throughout the holidays and all year long. If you haven’t already visited your dentist twice this year, you still have time to schedule your second preventive dentistry appointment before the end of the 2018 dental insurance plan year!

Traditional Digital X-Rays VS 3D Cone Beam Imaging

September 2, 2017

Woman receiving 3D cone beam scanMany dental patients want to know what the differences between x-rays and a cone beam images are. They perform very similar functions – exposing the inner parts of the tooth and the tooth roots. However, 3D cone beam scans offer dentists a more complex view of the inner workings of your smile, including the teeth, jawbone, and other oral and facial structures.

Good Foods VS. No Food Explained by a Dentist in Waverly

August 7, 2017

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Your dentist in Waverly cares about your oral and overall health.

Have you ever considered how much of your health depends on your diet—whether it’s healthy or unhealthy? The things you eat—or if you even decide to eat at all—can directly affect how strong your smile is. Your dentist in Waverly, Dr. Jonathan Smiley, wants patients to pay attention to what they put into their bodies, and how even holding back from eating can deteriorate your mouth. Let’s take a better look at the nutrients you need for a healthy mouth and what will happen if you avoid them.


The Right Products For Dental Cleaning In Waverly

June 29, 2017

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Taking care of your teeth at home and having a professional dental cleaning in Waverly are essential to the health of your smile. You brush your teeth twice a day, every day, but did you know that not all oral hygiene products are created equal? From toothbrushes to mouthrinses and everything in between, the numerous options can be overwhelming. So, where do you start when looking for the best products for your smile? With this post from the team at Smiley Family Dentistry! They share tips on how to care for your teeth in between the times you have a professional dental cleaning in Waverly with them.


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