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Waverly Preventive Dentistry Protecting Smiles

child flossing teethOur team at Smiley Family Dentistry is here to help you and your loved ones by treating areas of dental decay or damage, but wouldn’t it be even better if we could stop those issues from occurring in the first place? Dr. Jonathan Smiley believes strongly in the power of prevention which is why he’s happy to offer in-depth evaluations, hygiene, and other preventive measures that give patients of all ages the support, skill, and education they need to maintain healthy, happy smiles for life. Contact our Waverly, IA dental practice today to set up visits for you and your family members!

Dental Check-ups & Cleanings

Even the most diligent oral hygiene routines need a little professional help. Dr. Smiley recommends that patients attend a check-up at our office every six months. This visit allows our team to inspect your teeth, gums, jaw, bite, and other oral structures that contribute to overall wellbeing, locate problems, and provide treatment quickly and effectively.

Adults should undergo oral cancer screening during which our Waverly team scans the mouth for cancerous cells. On average, oral cancer kills one American every hour, but when diagnosed in the early stages, oral cancer is treatable. It’s crucial that we diagnose its presence at the earliest possible stage.

Following your evaluation, an in-depth cleaning with one of our hygienists gets rid of any stubborn plaque allowing you to leave Smiley Family Dentistry with a mouth that feels fully refreshed.

Dental Sealants

Many patients, especially children, struggle with effectively brushing teeth in hard-to-reach areas like the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Our team is happy to provide dental sealants in these cases. Made from a tough, plastic material, sealants are painted over the tricky pits and grooves of molars so the area is effectively sealed shut serving as a powerful barrier against potentially destructive bacteria. 

Nightguards for Bruxism

Are you prone to waking up with severe headaches? Do your teeth appear damaged or worn-down for no reason? These are common symptoms of bruxism also known as teeth grinding or clenching. This condition typically occurs when patients sleep, making it difficult to break the habit. That’s why Dr. Smiley offers customized, comfortable nightguards to alter your bite and protect teeth as you rest easy throughout the night.


Are you or your child a dedicated athlete? Dr. Smiley recommends active patients wear a custom mouthguard when participating in a sport where contact with another person or hard surface is a possibility. Also known as a sportsguard, one-size-fits-all versions of these appliances are found in athletic stores, but we’d prefer to provide you a personalized one at our Waverly, IA office for maximum comfort and security. You can perform more confidently once you know your smile is protected! 

Oral Cancer Screenings

While certain behaviors like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption increase the odds of developing oral cancer, a quarter of all cases have no link to these behaviors. With that in mind, we offer oral cancer screenings to all patients monitoring your smile for this serious health problem. Diagnosing and treating oral cancer as early as possible is essential for helping patients make a full recovery.