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Waverly Restorative Dentistry Services

Almost everyone experiences a dental problem at one point or another in their lives. At that time, what you need most is a dental team that provides friendly, skilled attention you and your smile deserve. Here at Smiley Family Dentistry, Dr. Jonathan Smiley effectively treats decay, structural damage, and missing teeth with advanced restorative techniques that promise health and cosmetic benefits. Patients from Waverly, IA and nearby neighborhoods are welcome!

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth has become severely damaged through decay or injury, root canal therapy rejuvenates health and rescues it from extraction allowing you to maintain your complete smile. The procedure involves Dr. Smiley accessing the inside chamber of the tooth and removing all bacteria and diseased pulp before sealing it shut to decrease risk of further infection. Finally, we have a dental crown created and placed to replenish any lost tooth structure.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

While our team does our best to help you avoid this possibility, the truth is that extracting one or more teeth can be the best choice for a person’s oral health. Wisdom teeth are a clear example of this as their late entry leads to several potential issues including overcrowding, partial eruption, or cysts. Dr. Smiley handles extraction procedures in a comfortable manner so you remain relaxed and at ease. 

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Other restorative services we’re proud to offer include: