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Dental Implants – Waverly, IA

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Waverly

elderly man smilingWhether you’ve recently lost one or more teeth through a dental emergency or you’ve been struggling with gaps for years, it’s never too late to regain a beautiful, healthy smile with Dr. Jonathan Smiley. We offer several transformative reconstructive solutions to tooth loss, and dental implants are our strongest recommendation due to their long lasting quality, virtually seamless appearance, and revitalizing oral health benefits. We’re happy to offer this advanced service at Smiley Family Dentistry, and patients from Waverly, IA and beyond are welcome.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Just replacing your missing teeth is very beneficial to your oral and general health, as well as your outlook on life. However, there are some advantages that only dental implants offer. For example:

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The Implant Process

Once Dr. Smiley has determined that you’re a viable candidate for dental implants, you undergo a surgical procedure. During this time, your implant or implants are inserted into the appropriate areas in your jaw so they bond with the jawbone. This is accomplished over a months-long healing process following surgery. Most patients require a follow-up procedure where abutments are placed over implants. These are crucial when it comes to holding restorations securely in place.

Once your mouth has healed, you return to our Waverly, IA practice where Dr. Smiley designs and places dental crowns or prosthetics that seamlessly restore gaps in your smile, creating a beautiful look you can feel proud of.

Missing Single Tooth

If you are missing one tooth, Dr. Smiley will place a single implant in the bone to support an implant-retained crown. With precise X-ray images, you can rest assured the implant will be positioned for security at the point of greatest bone density.

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Missing Multiple Teeth

For several missing teeth, Dr. Smiley creates a bridge. In this case, two implants are positioned to support both ends of your new prosthetic.

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Missing All Teeth

If there are too many teeth to restore individually with dental crowns, implant-retained prosthetics are also an option. By placing a small number of implants in certain positions along the jaw, a foundation is created for a lifelike denture Dr. Smiley designs, based on your mouth and preferences. This appliance snaps onto the implants and stays in place so patients smile confidently once more.

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What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Waverly?

If you’ve been told that dental implants cost more than other replacements, well, that is true. However, you must consider the longevity of implants vs. that of, say, a denture. Dental implants are designed to last for decades. Commit to excellent oral hygiene with daily brushing and flossing as well as regular dental checkups, and your implants will last a lifetime. Dentures, on the other hand, will likely need relining at some point and will eventually need to be replaced as your gum ridge changes over the years. So your investment in dental implants may actually end up costing less when you amortize the expense over the years.

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