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Delta Dental Insurance Provider – Waverly, IA

Making Dental Care More Affordable

At Smiley Family Dentistry, our goal is always to help patients receive the dental care they need in a comfortable, stress-free dental office environment. One of the many ways we take the stress out of dentist’s appointments is by processing and filing dental insurance claims for most major PPO providers. In addition to accepting coverage from the majority of benefit plans, we are in-network providers with Delta Dental and several other insurers. If you’re covered by Delta Dental or any other PPO dental insurance plan, please let our team know before you begin treatment with us. We’ll do our utmost to maximize your benefits and help you find the right treatments to meet any restrictions set by Delta Dental. If you have questions about your coverage or policy, don’t hesitate to call our knowledgeable dental team. We can answer many questions over the phone, but if we can’t, a member of our team will find out more and schedule an appointment for you to visit our Waverly dental office.

Your Delta Dental Plan

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Your Delta Dental benefit plan represents an agreement between you and your insurer. Most plans outline a monthly premium you will pay to Delta Dental. In exchange for this monthly payment, you receive coverage for a percentage of the cost of necessary dentistry services. Every plan is unique, so we will need to review your individual policy before offering specific coverage estimates, but most plans provider some combination of the following coverage:

  • Preventive dentistry – 80 to 100% covered
  • Restorative dentistry – 50 to 80% covered
  • Orthodontics – 20 to 70% covered (when elected)
  • Miscellaneous dentistry services – 20 to 50% covered (when elected; including services like dental sedation and athletic mouthguards)

Maximizing Delta Dental Benefits

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The easiest way to maximize your Delta Dental insurance benefits is to do your part to avoid the need for advanced dentistry services. Dental policies emphasize preventive maintenance to ensure you keep a healthy smile without the need for complex restorative procedures. That means your twice-a-year dental appointments receive the greatest percentage of coverage, and restorative solutions receive increasingly lower insurance coverage, depending on the complexity of the treatment. When you visit our dental office for six-month dental checkups and teeth cleanings, you will pay little to no out-of-pocket treatment costs, and you’ll reduce your risk for more severe oral hygiene concerns.

In-Network VS Out of Network Dentistry

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As in-network providers for Delta Dental plans, we have committed to set pricing outlined by your benefit plan. This means you will only need to pay the out-of-pocket percentage of treatment costs. Out of network dentists can charge fees that don’t fit within your plan’s fair and average pricing, but if the dentist’s fees are higher than those set by your benefit plan, you will need to pay the difference. Most dentists do their utmost to keep their costs fair, so the differences in pricing are usually negligible. Visiting an in-network dentist simply ensures you never need to worry about added out of pocket costs.